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I have been playing a lot of solitaire games, but this is the most addicting game so far.. love the game 7/20/2018; still loving the game, thanks for additional coins on updates, the scenery of this game is awesome 👏

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Never gets boring. Lots of little twists and surprises and you don’t get impossible levels that force you to either buy credits or quit playing.

Great game!

Easy to understand and fun. Love the his game!


Great game! Keeps me playing and having fun!

Good game

Good game

Crown solitaire

5 stars very enjoyable


Addictive but fun. I like solitaire and harvest.

Love this game!

Great way to spend some hours passing the time away.


Love this game


Great game

WAY too expensive

i love this game. it’s super fun and at first the amount of coins it took to play a game or to get extra cards was super fair. but now at level 63 i can’t even get past one level because i can’t afford it. the prices are INSANE. like come on. 4,000 coins to get extra cards? and then when you finish a field which takes forever you only get 50 credits for it. that’s basically nothing for all the credits you have to spend. also doing the golden glade might be useful until you realize completing all of those levels only gets you 10 extra credits. useless.

Fun game but too greedy

Like a lot of other reviews, I love the game. It’s a lot of fun. Unfortunately, you don’t get to play much unless you pay serious money. You can play for free 3 rounds a day. That’s right, 3 minuets a day. If you want to play longer than that, you gotta spend money. Lots of it. Even as you progress through the levels and get more crops, they just up the price of a round so it’s always the same. You never actually make progress. You can’t even use the power ups because those are so ridiculously expensive it’s not worth it. It would probably all be fine, except, as you get to the higher levels, it’s gonna take you a lot more tries to clear them. I’m in the 300’s and none of those levels are getting cleared without a power up. Just impossible. So once you get to there, you might as well uninstall at that point because it isn’t fun anymore. That’s what I’m doing. Too bad, I would have continued to spend money on this game had they kept it fair.


Love this game 😀


Best game I’ve found yet thanks to my mother I absolutely love it


I love solitaire...this game puts an added twist in that keeps you going.

Can’t stop playing!!

This game is so much fun, you’ll never want to put it down.


Fun and addictive love this game needs more perks though

Love this game

❤️❤️love this game

Great solitaire game

A good way to past the time.

Fun game

I love the game. But my only problem is you have to pay a lot of credits. But a good fun game.

Solitaire is very addicting can’t wait to play next game

5 stars from me




Love this game so entertaining.


This game is great I just wish it would be a little faster in getting new games to start

Great game

Love it

Fantastic game

Fun, cute game. Just got it but I enjoy it. Love it love it love it


Love it love the challenge


Good game. Gets intense


I absolutely positively love this game. I am totally addicted to it and I recommend it to anybody love solitaire. This is the most beautiful challenging fascinating game of solitaire that I’ve ever played and I played a few. I absolutely love the graphics I like the different patterns of play it is just a wonderful game. Thank U thank U thank U

Harvest Solitaire

Lots of fun. Easy to learn and easy to win


Happy with it

Fun game

Love the game.


Love this game very entertaining


Very Entertaining. Great way to pass the time


Awesome and addictive game love it

Great way to relax!

Great way to relax and take a break for a few


Great game new for me loving it! Hope you make it easier to win more credits!,

It’s ok

It’s a card game and passes time


Fun and addicting

Very good

Great game


I love this game !!

Grand Harvest

My kids love this game.


Awesome solitaire game!!!! Can’t stop playing.

Fun game

Great game. Very addictive.

Fun fun fun

I love this game!


very fun game

Stress releaser

Great time waster


Love the game

Solitaire Grand Harvest

Great game lots of fun

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