Solitaire - Grand Harvest App Reviews

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Harvest solitaire

I love solitaire games but harvest is the best

Fun Fun and Fun

Very relaxing and challenging game.


Maca doo


An absolute blast to play

Love to Harvest

Best solitaire game ever.


Love this game. Can not stop playing

Taking money

I love playing this game but when I spend money which is 6.99 every other week I get charged double who do I talk too about this? It’s stealing my money


Keeps your mind going

Mrs flaca

Love the game


they offer $1.99 only but they took $9.99 in my account. what a scam. i have to uninstall mine.


Great game to play

This is sooo fun!

I am loving this game. It is so much fun.

Best Solitaire!

Lovely game with nice graphics; fun to play!

Harvest solitaire

Love it

Love the game

I love the graphics of the game, plus I love solitaire


I enjoy it so far but I am holding one star because I want to see how often I lose and have to rebuy the area. To me the ideal setting would be if I bought the area once I should not have to keep rebuying it every time I lose.



Fun fun fun

Fun game without all the ads and junk. 😉

Fun Solataire

Good game


Enjoyable game.

Solitaire harvest

Love this game

Solitaire Grand Harvest

Challenging, hard but tons of fun




Game is typical solitaire


Great game

Grand Harvest Solitaire


Robin J

Fun game!!


Great game

Kiss sleep goodbye

I’m so addicted this game I can kiss my sleep goodbye.

Love it

Addicting!!!!!!! So fun to play

Love this game!!!

Try it!!!!!!

Great game

Keeps me entertained for hours.. it’s a fun twist on solitaire

Addictive and fun!

A blast to play as it’s not a timed game.

I think I like it

Cool game!


Challenging but I love a Challenge! You'll love this game warning it is addictive in a good way!😜

Fun fun fun

Lots of fun

Love it!

Love it!

Fun game!

Love the game!


Love. Challenging & so fun


Fun. Can’t stop playing!!

Cool game

Relaxing game. So far so good after a few days of playing


This game is fun. I am supposed to be doing something but I am so addicted I can’t stop

Solitary grand harvest

Just started and like it so far, just don’t like being pressured into rating a game I just started playing.

Quite addicting

Once you start you can’t stop


It’s fun let’s do this Friends


Great fun game


It's a very addictive version of solitaire.

Fun game with flaws.....

I am at level 396 and my hourly reward is $3,020. To play a game it cost $3,000 so I have to keep going back every hour to collect my rewards in order to play 3-4 games. If you are lucky enough to win a hand than you get to play a little longer. If you want to add 5 cards to help to see if you can win your hand it cost $7050, to get a wild card it cost $8,000. I know the developer wants you to buy more coins so they can make millions in the mean time we keep spending our money just to play 5 games...get real make it more affordable for us and easier to win games, I always am left with 1 card, so I have to end and start a new one...TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!! Thinking about deleting this app and finding one that don’t cost a fortune👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😤😖

Great Game

Love this game.

One of the best games!

Really nice game.

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